Cafes in Japan – Starbucks, October 2015

One of the chief ways I waste time and money is going out to cafes for no particular reason. I just enjoy them – I like the atmosphere (provided it is not too crowded), I get to imbibe caffeine and eat cakes, and I can spend chunks of time reading and/or writing. While I expect the forthcoming baby to put a limit on such outings, I hope I can avoid stopping them altogether.

Anyhow, I figured I could occasionally post pictures of the stuff they’re serving up here, especially since it’s subject to such seasonal variation – or, in the case of Starbucks, even monthly variation.

I think Starbucks is one of those things where you expect the menu to be pretty much the same wherever you go. That chocolate chunk scone, for example? I’ve seen or eaten it at Starbucks in five different countries. Yet there is some local variation as well. While I understand Americans get all worked up about pumpkin spice lattes in autumn, Starbucks Japan is busy promoting their “Fruit Crush & Tea” as their promotional drink this October.

There is a frappucino version I haven’t tried, but the hot tea version is pretty nice. It basically contains a sweet, red fruity syrup, standard English breakfast tea and a sprinkling of tiny pieces of colourful dried fruit. I’m not a huge tea drinker these days, but it’s still a flavour I enjoyed and, if you are a tea person who likes theirs sweet, you may enjoy it!


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