A new niece

Not sure if I’d post an actual photo of her even if we had one, so enjoy this cute little picture instead!

Word came through late on Monday from Okaasan that R’s older sister was in labour. The baby was expected by midnight, so I assume the sister-in-law was in the active phase by then for everyone to be making such assertions, but it turned out that, to use R’s words, “the baby kind of got stuck”. For eight hours. She was born on Tuesday morning instead.

Aside from that “kind of got stuck” part being the stuff of my current nightmares, everyone is going well.

It was quite early on in the scheme of things, probably during the two week wait before I could even take a pregnancy test, that we learned that the sister-in-law was trying to conceive her first child at the same time as us and was also undergoing fertility treatment. In her case, possibly due to her age, they had cut straight to IVF and she managed to conceive on her first round.

We found out I actually was pregnant at about the same time as she found out she was too, and discovered that her baby was due 12 days before ours. For awhile, what with the whole threatened premature labour matter, R and I thought we might actually get in first and present the first grandchild for both sides of the family, but no. As of Tuesday 13th October, R is an uncle. I guess, by extension, I’m an aunt, and our own baby is still poking around my uterus.

R’s family has a very weird dynamic.To give a sense of this, consider that the sister-in-law and the niece are staying at a hospital that is literally 10-15 minutes walk from our house but we don’t know the niece’s name, there are no plans or expectations that we’ll visit, we don’t know when we’ll meet her, nor do we have a photo yet. However, for all that, we found out almost straightaway when she was born though that, I strongly suspect, was at least in part so R could take responsibility for sharing the news with his father so that nobody else had to do so.

I don’t really know how this is all going to play out. I wouldn’t say I felt especially strongly about birthing his family’s first grandchild and/or just missing out to the sister-in-law. I have my own family to concern myself with and they are generally delighted so far with their own pending first grandchild. I wasn’t really thrilled to hear how close these new cousins were going to be in age, though. As you can gather, the sister-in-law and I are not exactly close, so the nicer aspects of that seem diminished. The likelihood of rivalries, however, possibly aided and abetted by my mother-in-law, seems quite high.

On the other hand, who knows? We might all become much friendlier with two babies in the mix.


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