“You’ll give people the wrong idea”

It took me awhile to read about Bisha K. Ali’s Facebook post neatly summarising all the things women hear in their lifetime, just because she is not someone with whom I’m exactly familiar and I’m a bit over hearing about female comedians when I’m not that interested in their work yet they seem to be all over the news.

Yet I’m very glad I did, eventually, investigate this because it’s not a skit at all. Nor is it very funny. What can I say? What it is actually is would be aggravating and depressing and oh so true. All those tiny, meaningless statements in themselves that add up to this big, overwhelming attitude and a horrible sense of not being able to win. I think of the girls I teach, the new niece (name still unknown) and I feel a bit helpless.

I have to keep remembering all the badass women I know who challenge things both directly and just by being awesome, I know. I just wish it was a matter of being rather than overcoming.


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