Snacks in Japan – Meiji Galbo Ball


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I like snacks. No, really, I like snacks a lot. In these posts, I’ll post some of the interesting snacks of the moment that I’ve found hereabouts. Because it’s me that’s doing the eating, I admit we’ll probably err more on the side of sweet things, especially chocolates, and after much pondering, I’ve decided I’ll only post things that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Snack: Meiji Galbo Ball/s
Purchased: October 24th 2015
Found at: Family Mart, but also spotted at a couple of other convenience stores
Price: ~ 198 yen

So, Meiji’s Galbo Ball(s). Meiji is a big chocolate company here and Galbo is one of their product ranges. The characteristic of the Galbo chocolates is that they have a crunchy, almost biscuit-interior with a good, strong chocolate flavour surrounded by a layer of chocolate coating.

It has been something of a success for them and, if you want to click on that link for evidence, they have done as many Japanese confectionery companies are wont to do, taken the original concept and applied it to several other products. There are thus a whole bunch of Galbo things now, including Galbo mini in various flavours (such as, riight now, sweet potato) and the above pictured Galbo Ball(s).

Galbo Balls look to be a special product for winter and have thus only just started reappearing in convenience stores after enjoying some interest last year as well. Aside from being round, Galbo Balls follow the main Galbo concept. They have the crunchy, chocolate-biscuity interior and are surrounded by a layer of milk chocoolate. What makes them both stand out and taste particularly good, however, is the dusting of cocoa they are rolled in.

Care of Today’s Sweets (Japanese blog) –

They are not especially large and you only get about ten per packet, but they’re pretty enjoyable and their packaging even looks quite pretty. Being the chocolate fiend I am, I automatically went for the pure chocolate flavour first, but you can also get a strawberry flavour wtih a dusting of white chocolate on the outside (snow-like?) and they look like they might be worth a try too!


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