Neko Neko?

Playing it cool under R’s low Japanese-style table

For anyone who read “A Day in My Life”, you might have noticed we were a tad concerned about one of our cats, Neko Neko. The good news is that he showed up the day after I wrote up that very long post and has been returning “home” again regularly, generally in no worse shape than he was.

The less good news is that he is still wandering off for various periods and wherever he’s hiding/sleeping, it’s not somewhere that we know about.

There are various theories on why he is doing this. He is a stray, after all, and our attempts to tame him have been slow and mixed so far. The outcomes we were hoping for, such as a cat that trusts us, lets us touch him and, most importantly, will at least sort of enable us to lug him to the vet for diagnosing what illnesses he has, treating them and, yes, desexing him haven’t really happened yet. So, he could be chasing female cats, hiding from the other tomcats (Neko Neko is far, far from alpha male status around here), simply wandering, or holing up somewhere when he’s feeling particularly sick. He might have just gotten tired of us. He might sense an epic disruption is afoot in the form of the pending arrival of the baby. It’s hard to say and worrying, but we’re at a bit of a loss as to what to do about it.


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