Cafes in Japan – Doutour, October 2015


Following my longer-than-expected walk on October 22nd, when I wrote up “A Day in My LIfe”, I ended up taking a needed rest and enjoying a perhaps less-than-needed cookie and coffee at Doutour.

Chestnut is always a big, heavily-promoted flavour in autumn and Doutour, sure enough, is promoting chestnut-flavoured coffees for autumn. The coffee pictured is a marron latte (marron is the French word for chestnut, though many Japanese mistakenly think this is the English) and, while I’m not usually that big a latte fan, this was actually pretty enjoyable. The chestnut flavouring was subtle enough to simply add to the flavour of the coffee rather than overpower it and it left a lingering, pleasant aftertaste.

That cookie, though. That cookie was gorgeous. It was a caramel and almond flavour, and on top of that being a delicious combination, it was just the perfect chewy texture. It generally takes a lot of willpower on my part to not order one of the gorgeous cake sets whenever I venture into Doutour in the afternoons, but if they keep that cookie around, I might just be able to manage it.


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