Snacks in Japan – Royce Tirol Chocolates

Image care of Ex-temts

I like snacks. No, really, I like snacks a lot. In these posts, I’ll post some of the interesting snacks of the moment that I’ve found hereabouts. Because it’s me that’s doing the eating, I admit we’ll probably err more on the side of sweet things, especially chocolates, and after much pondering, I’ve decided I’ll only post things that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Snack: Royce Tirol Chocolate
Purchased: November 15th 2015
Found at: Family Mart, 7-11
Price: ~ 45 yen

Royce Chocolates are quite a fancy chocolate brand in these parts. Originating in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan’s very chilly northern island, they typically sell chocolates in elaborate gift boxes with an interesting side range of chocolate-coated potato chips.

Currently, however, Royce are doing a collaboration with Tirol, the maker of small, square chocolates that are typically sold at convenience stores for 20 or 30 yen. Thus, we have Tirol-sized Royce chocolates, retailing for just under 50 yen per square at the big-name convenience stores.

Each tiny square is made of smooth milk chocolate, the exterior giving way to a wonderfully creamy interior, made with “nama” (fresh) cream and a splash of brandy, the latter taste one I didn’t even notice until I took a closer look at the packaging.

I’m not sure how long this particular line will be around, but they’re definitely worth trying while they are!


7 thoughts on “Snacks in Japan – Royce Tirol Chocolates

  1. I’ve been trying to look in all the Seven Elevens I come across to try and find these chocolates, but I’ve never had any luck… What part of Japan are the konbini where you bought these from?


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