Decorative manhole covers

chiba manhole

I spent what seemed like a lot of my pregnancy feeling, to be blunt about it, pretty pissed off with the world around me. Homesickness was – and is – an issue and I became rather bitter and jaded about living in Japan generally. Little things, like posting here about the things that get under my skin and making myself find things I like about the place, helped some.

In the first week of November, to coincide with Mr. K’s arrival and my shellshocked exit from hospital into a new life that revolved around a tiny, demanding person, my mother came over to stay with us. It was the first time she had visited Japan (she promises it won’t be the last, but we shall see) and it was awesome. She was exactly the support I needed and I only wish she had been able to stay longer.

Not only was she great personally, she also brought a fresh pair of eyes to my surroundings and helped me to remember the little things that are curious and different and nice about this place, from the size of the cars to the bamboo forest outside our little house and even the prefecturally specific, artistically decorated manhole covers like the one pictured.

It hasn’t quite un-jaded me, but it has helped to be reminded of the good things.


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