Frito Lay Pizza-la Italiana Corn Chips

I like snacks. No, really, I like snacks a lot. In these posts, I’ll post some of the interesting snacks of the moment that I’ve found hereabouts. Because it’s me that’s doing the eating, I admit we’ll probably err more on the side of sweet things, especially chocolates, and after much pondering, I’ve decided I’ll only post things that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Today, we have an exception to my usual rule – a savoury snack!

Snack: Frito Lay Pizza-La Italiana Corn Chips
Purchased: November 20th 2015
Found at: Family Mart (and likely other convenience stores)
Price: ~ 180 yen

Frito Lay Japan , just like Frito Lay around the world, produce a wide variety of chips. Included in this are all manner of corn chips and, periodically, they do collaborations with one of Japan’s major pizza franchises, Pizza-La, to produce flavours of corn chips based on particular pizzas from Pizza-La’s menu.

The current range that I spotted were these Italiana flavoured ones. Italiana pizza is basically a tomato and cheese pizza with some onion and bell pepper thrown in and olive oil on the side. These corn chips borrow their flavours from that particular combination

The flavour is a curious mix of something decidedly pizza-ish and your typical cheesy corn chips, but it was quite pleasant. I’m not typically a chip person, so I’m not sure when I’ll have them again, but it was a nice change and recommended if you are a corn chip and/or pizza-loving person!


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