I’m from Australia and I live in Japan. Neither country has really appropriated Thanksgiving, and thus I do not celebrate it.

Still, I like the idea of giving thanks. I’m aware that the occasion is bound up with all sorts of questionable historical connotations, but I just want to focus on being thankful for the moment and the things in particular for which I’m feeling gratitude right now.

I’m thankful for this odd little house we’ve been residing in since late May. I was profoundly upset to leave our old apartment, but I’m so glad we’re here now. We’re closer to our local major train station and near a bus that runs frequently. We have a bamboo forest just outside and even a random raccoon dog roaming therein, and we have two stray monkey cats half-living with us. The move was hard, but I’m glad of it now.


Neko Neko and Mark Two are grateful for their food, especially if that means there is more of it forthcoming.

I’m thankful for my body and my health. I really am. The former hasn’t always done what I wanted it to and pregnancy was exhausting, but generally speaking, it has surpassed all expectations this year. Right now, I am enjoying feeling something like myself again, the strength and energy in my limbs flowing again when I walk. I remain a little shocked by the fact I grew a baby, pushed it out, and am almost completely recovered from it, and whatever mixed feelings I might have about breastfeeding, I am impressed by my body’s ability to nurture another. I’m thankful for the medical institutions and people that have made and continue to make all of this possible.

I’m thankful for my family. My sister and my parents, my mother in particular, have been so supportive. My in-laws… well, I don’t have to cook right now care of my mother-in-law, so there’s that. I’m always, always grateful for R, for being precisely who he is and a wonderful partner.

This year, I’m so very grateful for Mr. K. He’s the baby I wanted so very badly and he’s just… he’s made our lives so much busier and harder, and he’s likely to wake up crying and demanding milk any minute now, but he’s made everything so much richer too. There’s so much to say about so many things to do with him, but I can’t really convey just how much that little person means to us.

Finally, to whoever is reading this – thank you for doing so, particularly if you’re a regular who is sticking with me through this quiet phase while I get used to having a baby. It’s much appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


One thought on “Thankful

  1. Love this!!! My husband is from Australia and didn’t have Thanksgiving either but has definitely embraced it. It’s my favorite holiday of the year as it’s got nothing to do with gifts and is just about acknowledging the good in life 🙂

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