Ultimate panda eyes


From Wikihow – helpful, but only taking one so far

So, I still have two black eyes.

This is a problem. It’s a problem for my vanity, yes, but it’s also a problem because the rapidly disappearing scrape on my forehead means that, as unclear as it was before how I came to be in the state I am/was just from looking at me, it is now even more so. I don’t go around flashing my scraped elbow and knee or the bruises on my thighs, so I don’t look like I had a bicycle accident at all. I look like someone punched me.

R is very worried that people will think that someone is him, and it’s not without basis. Domestic violence* is a thing after all, and the stereotype of a domestic violence victim seems to be the bruised and battered woman.

And that’s pretty concerning and frustrating… because no one did. It’s the fault of me alone and my bicycle.

For the most part, going out in public here has been reminiscent of being pregnant again. Lots of people want to stare at me with curiousity and, in this case in particular, concern. I see them doing so, and that is bad news for them. They really, really don’t want to get caught staring, not just because it’s rude but in case I decide I might need their help in some way.

Of course, I’m not going to ask for anyone’s help. I don’t need it. I do worry that someone is going to try to intervene in some way anyhow, though. The people I do interact with more personally, such as the staff at the schools and kindergartens I visit for work, have been eyeing me (PUN PUN PUN) with great concern, and the last thing I need is some concerned police officer showing up and questioning us.

I feel fine and I’ve been medically cleared to carry on as usual, so that’s what I’m doing, but I don’t recall seeing other people in this mess. I can’t help wondering what other people do when they end up with a black eye or eyes and a painful, non-criminal activity-based story behind it. .

Do they just not leave the house for the one or two weeks it’s expected to take to heal? What do they do about work and groceries and the other practical things?

Or is there some sort of simple cure I’ve missed?

Perhaps some sensational make-up?


Anyhow, while the right eye is still pretty unfortunate-looking, I feel optimistic that the left one is starting to look less bruise-like and more like a very dark shadow. Things are a bit sad when the idea of looking extremely sleep-deprived starts to be the goal, I must say.

(* Domestic violence is huge and difficult, and it’s not something I really want to try getting into. I know I don’t know what I’m talking about there, and you’ll notice I’m not going to try to do so. Since I’m not the victim of it, I just sincerely hope I don’t have to answer questions about it.)



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