The Work Situation

I started picking up dribs and drabs of work again as early as January, but I didn’t really get fully back into it until April. As it is, I am not working full-time, but part-time, with a corresponding wage and number of hours.

I consider myself something of a freelance English teacher currently in that I do work for several companies. While I would ideally like to be getting more money out of it than I am and there are downsides to the whole situation, there are a few upsides too and hence this is what I came back to when I decided I was done with maternity leave.

Here, briefly, is what I’m up to:

  1. Teaching conversational English to adults
    I had this job prior to having Mr. K, and I’ve been at it for five years now. It’s with an NPO and y boss is pretty great, more like a friend or even a business partner. While my students are not the most highly motivated learners, they are lovely people.
    When: three Wednesdays out of every month, 10am – 3pm (though my boss also has hopes of opening a 2 hour Saturday class as well)
  2. Teaching English at kindergartens
    I’ve done similar jobs to this in the past, but this time it’s through a large company with a very fixed curriculum. The pay is good and the kindergartens to which I’m getting sent are very conveniently located.
    When: varies some, but about half of my Monday mornings (albeit in a sporadic fashion) and some Thursdays, with the possibility of a few extra shifts occasionally coming up.
  3. Teaching English at childcare centres
    Despite targetting similarly-aged children, this job is somewhat different to job #2, with an emphasis on fun and teaching over strict language learning. This is with a moderately-sized company and a semi-fixed curriculum, and the childcare centres are also very conveniently located.
    When: every Tuesday and Thursday morning, except when I’m doing job #2, simply because they got me locked in first), in which case I go on Friday mornings instead, and except for August.
  4. Private 1-to-1 conversational lessons
    I used to do far more of these, but I’ve currently only got about three happening each week now. The lessons happen in a variety of places and at various levels.
    When: Varies – people book times on Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon.

It all results in a weird, varied sort of schedule. The way things are shaping up, I could end up doing at least some work every day. On the other hand, in the upcoming summer in particular, I may end up doing very little in any given week! Routine isn’t a bad thing at all, but I admit to liking the diversity.

I’m planning on sticking to something of a theme this week and posting more about returning to work post-baby this week. My focus will be less on the details of my specific job/s (stories unto themselves, believe me) but just the whole experience generally, complete with other people’s judgement, my own mixed feelings, and the difficulty and fun of just getting back into things.


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