I have an “older baby”?!


Yesterday, I was wandering around one of the large secondhand stores with Mr K when I saw a heavily pregnant woman buying a bunch of baby toys and was consequently hit by a wave of nostalgia.She could have been me nine months ago, albeit a small Japanese version, preparing anxiously for a baby that could arrive at any minute.

Sometimes, I still feel disbelief that this is where I am in my life, a nanosecond of shock as I remember that yes, I actually have a baby. A baby that is hurtling towards being eight months old, no less, officially an “older” baby. It is downright strange to visit baby goods stores and see the little newborn clothes and be reminded, with a start, that this is actually behind us.

We’re here and, somehow, incredibly, we’re keeping on going.


2 thoughts on “I have an “older baby”?!

  1. My son will be 18 months old in July, and I understand 110% where you are coming from. Another wave of my friends have been announcing pregnancies, and giving birth to little ones, and I have been hit by wave after wave of nostalgia, baby fever, and sadness. WHEN DID WE BECOME MOTHERS TO THESE GIANT BABIES? Ahhh!

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