Nine months


As of today, Mr. K has matched the nine months he spent on the inside with nine months on the outside.

He is on the short side and a little lighter than average to go with it but, given R’s genes had to crop up somewhere, we’re not overly worried. We are at the tail end of a Wonder “week” just now and/or a growth spurt, during which he has thoroughly and finally mastered sitting and figured out how to pull himself into a seated position, has started awkwardly crawling, and has become a lot more attentive to more external things, whether it be books,  the cats bounding around or, on the odd occasions we have a TV program on at all, children’s shows.

He still loves “Ten Little Babies” and he has started to really love a Disney book called “Furry Friends” featuring animals around the world and furry textures to touch. He has four teeth with a fifth one quickly incoming, and chewing is absolutely a favorite pastime, along with rolling, pulling, smacking things and, believe it or not, getting his teeth brushed. He likes eating generally but bananas are his favorite. He has started saying things, mama and dadada to me and R and a few other random ones sporadically, nana (banana), mil (milk) and a very random “poopoo” when he farted dramatically one time.

We’ve battled colds, solid-introduction-related diarrhea, roseola, bronchitis and baby eczema/dermatitis, there have been occasional periods where sleeping through the night happens but not enough, he is currently very fond of early mornings,  and we’ve got the summer to get through now. He’s a happy, healthy little boy, though, and I’m looking forward to the next things he’ll learn and experience and master.

newborn 9 months

Newborn in early November 2015 and 9 months old in late July 2016. Yes, really, it’s the same suit!




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