Quiet, sort of

I’ll miss the bamboo forest outside the window

As quiet as it can be when there is a temperamental baby and dramatic thunderstorms involved, anyway.

Things are quiet at the moment for Mr. K and myself. August is the hottest part of summer here and the heat and humidity are stifling. While I think rainy season finally got declared officially over, we have been having nearly daily thunderstorms recently that, while dramatic and interesting, end up just making the humidity even more stifling both before and after. Staying in the vicinity of the air conditioner is all but essential!

It’s effectively summer vacation for me. Two of my jobs haven’t scheduled anything for me until September, and that means I have a lot of time off just now. It is nice to slow down and rest, especially since both Mr. K and myself have colds right now. That means my plans to investigate things like more water play, baby swimming and the local jidoukan (city-run children’s play centre) are being delayed in favour of resting and working on breathing through my nose. Mr. K is a day or two ahead of me on the cold front and he’s perky enough, so hopefully we’ll get through this one sooner rather than later.

The time off is bad news financially, of course, since no work means no pay in my line of business. It’s especially bad since R and I have just spent our money on a deposit for a house. Yes, we’re trying to buy one. I’ll write more about that and include a lot more exclamation marks if we manage to get the loan application approved. We get the deposit fully refunded if we don’t, but in the meantime, the budget is pretty tight. If I call them austerity measures in my head in the tone of a solemn newsreader and/or pretentious politician, it all sounds a bit more interesting.

So, what with limited funds, plenty of time, and a waiting game to play, we find ourselves having a quiet period… or as quiet as it can be when there is a temperamental baby and dramatic thunderstorms involved, anyway.


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