Autumn Equinox

Most can agree that, here at least, autumn is now getting under way.Whatever the calendar decreed on September 1st, whatever the weather may or may not be doing, and whenever the retailers of the country may have gotten sick of summer and starting decreeing it was autumn, last Thursday was Autumn Equinox Day and that tends to settle it.

Incidentally, it has actually been feeling autumnal here, which is odd for September. It’s been a wet, grey month so far. There tends to be a lot of rain in September every year, but not quite so spread out over so many days and not quite so relentless. The ongoing humidity has kept the temperatures largely warm, but certainly not hot.

This is my favourite season. The last three or four months of the year tend to be my favourites anyway; when I lived in Melbourne and that meant spring, I liked October and November best as well. The colours, the weather, the flavours of autumn, though, just add to my love of the end-of-year atmosphere, and while I can’t say I dare hope that 2016 will get much better for me personally, I am looking forward to appreciating this season.


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