Latest catch-up post!

A view of the harbour from outside our Golden Week restaurant

Once again, I’m behind and, once again, I’m playing catch-up with my blog.

The simple reason is that, right now, I’m swamped by work. I was reflecting on my situation (as I am prone to do) and I realised that my year can be broken into thirds, albeit messy ones that start and stop and start again. One third of the year is quiet with not much or even too little work happening. Another third is the Goldilocks zone of work, with a good balance between paid work and time at home.

The final third is when things go insane and it’s part of that third in which I find myself now. This has been going on for about a month now and the light of the tunnel will come in another week or so when things start to ease up and we wind gradually down towards the dead of summer when nobody wants to do anything.

So, a lot of what’s been happening is therefore work. There’s been a lot of fatigue and a couple of minor colds, but no major crises. We got through the start of the new school year, Easter and Mother’s Day. There was also an uneventful Golden Week at the start of May marked only by one of those aforementioned colds, a surprise visit/photo shoot from my mother-in-law for Mr. K and a traditional Children’s Day doll, and an unexpected lunch at a fancy restaurant because it was Golden Week and everything remotely close to our usual price range was packed. What would have been my father’s 60th birthday has just passed and Mr. K is now nineteen months old.

His name is Momotaro. I didn’t know that for awhile, though, so I started calling him Kun, the suffix you attach to little boys’ names here, and now I can’t think of him in any other way

R and I are both a bit discontented with our jobs, and I”m struggling with the whole balance between household stuff and just finding time for anything much. Mr. K is happy with his new 1 year old “class” at childcare. My mother has said she will come and visit but we’re waiting and seeing on that one. I’m reading more than writing lately, playing Pokemon Go and Popmundo, doing things that are fine in fragments because that’s how it goes lately. We’re all still going.

We’ll see how things go with more blogging, but I hope anyone reading this is going well!


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