Another one month old!

E became one month old on March 27th.

Time flies, really. Somehow, it’s April, the weather is warmer, the sunlight lasts longer, and E is already one month old. In fact, since I’m more time-poor and tired than ever, and hence not great at posting, she’s nearly six weeks old as I type this.

She’s growing so fast. As luck would have it, we managed to have her one month check-up just one day after her one month birthday, and we discovered that she’s already over 5 kilograms and 55 centimetres long. About the only English that anyone spoke to me at the check was “BIG BABY!” and her 0000 suits started to look a bit too small in her fourth week.

Really, though, she’s still tiny and still a quieter, less needy baby than K. She has her moments, though, and she most definitely likes being held. Her eyes are still huge grey pools in her face with tiny eyelashes starting to appear and she’s starting to pay more attention to just about everything now.

She’s almost exclusively breastfed and we’re struggling to get her to take a bottle at all let alone a pacifier. She doesn’t poop that often, though not for lack of trying and thus I have discovered that there is actually a thing called grunting baby syndrome.

I think about what I was doing in, say, January or February and I feel momentarily baffled Рwait, where was E during all of that? Рbefore I remember that I was still pregnant with her. When we stop and think about it, my husband I remain somewhat shocked that E is here at all, but at the same time, it feels kind of like she always has been here too.


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