This Week – May 26th 2018 – Colds and Goblin Children Antics

Colds, pleasant weather, small children antics, and fretting about work things.

I was thinking about how the week had gone and working out how to fit in all the stuff I need to fit in next week. I found myself thinking, not for the first time, that writing about it might be helpful. It also helps me keep track of the little things that are happening a bit better, and I thought I might try to make it a regular thing. Let’s see how this goes!

I like this time of year, late spring and (very) early summer, when the cold weather finally seems to be behind us completely but it’s not yet that hot and we haven’t slipped into rainy season yet. We had a few warm days and the humidity is definitely getting up there, but it’s not intolerable yet and the nights and early mornings are cool. It’s encouraged me to really make taking walks a priority. I wanted to do so anyway; it’s good for my physical and mental health and it’s good for E to get out in her pram. It’s also nice to be out in the warm air and surrounded by greenery as well, though.

All of us have had colds this week. The exception is my husband – damn R seems to have skipped this bug altogether. Baby E seems to be getting over it quite quickly, but my own sinuses are still in a bad way and poor K is unendearingly leaking snot like a tap.

Aside from the colds, the kids are going well. E is about to be three months old, so I’ll post more about her in that post. She’s growing fast, so it’s lucky we just received a bunch of secondhand clothes from a local foreign acquaintance!

My son is going okay too. He’s still pushing the limits a lot and I am frequently being reminded of just why they get called the terrible twos. I’ve been trying not to shout, or at least as little as possible, the last few days. I’ve noticed for myself that yelling doesn’t actually solve our problems but urgh, it’s hard. The painfully early mornings are still a thing too. But there’s good stuff happening too. He’s really into numbers at the moment, and he’s getting ever better at recognizing them and actually counting in the correct order. We’ve also noticed his speaking improving again. He’s starting to use more verbs, an area where Japanese definitely has an advantage. Shoving the verb at the end of the sentence and dropping the subject altogether isn’t exactly intuitive to me, but if you’re learning both languages at once, it’s definitely easier to just say “Mickey mitai” than “I want to watch Mickey”. That being said, his English is still definitely stronger and he actually knows more English verbs.


Cucumbers – more fascinating than one might expect.

The highlights of the weren’t exactly high points, but they were memorable anyway and the sort of thing I figure I’ll eventually laugh about. The first was the bus debacle, where I took K and E on a completely unnecessary bus trip to satisfy K’s fondness for all things vehicle-related. It went well enough until we got off the bus and waved goodbye to it, at which point K suddenly realised he didn’t want the trip to end after all. An hour of crying, whining, and lamenting “BUS” at the top of his lungs followed, and even after he had taken a nap, he still came to me to pointedly and mournfully declare “BUS!”

The other episode starred E. I took them to a play cafe on Thursday. It’s a great place; I don’t care that the meals are overpriced, there’s so much stuff to keep everybody happy. K was having a great time in the indoor play area. I was having a great time eating my lunch in peace. E was having a great time in the baby bouncy seat they provided for her. In fact, she seemed really pleased with herself… and then I noticed the smell. And the leaking. It was a nappy blowout of epic proportions, all over the adorable seat. It was mortifying, and not the ideal way to discover the cafe also offers fantastic change facilities.

R had a more regular week this week after working every day last week and no night shifts. It meant we saw him at more regular hours and everyone’s been a lot happier.

A lot of my personal thinking this week has been around going back to work and all the guilt/anxiety/excitement that comes from that. From June, I’ll be working one afternoon a week and a few mornings scattered throughout the month. It’s not exactly taxing and it’s the sort of gradual return I suppose I wanted, but it still feels like quite a leap. There isn’t a lot to show for the mental energy I’ve spent on this – a few e-mails, calendar updates, making a new childcare schedule template to fill in and give to the sensei each week – but it’s definitely been buzzing around my head. 

I hope that next week is nice and that you all have a good one too!

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