This Week – June 9th 2018 – Baby bottles, trains… and “Tommy”

Tsukuba City!

A good mix of things are afoot!

Ick, it’s humid. It always feels sudden when the weather finally gets hot (or cold, but let’s not think about that yet). It isn’t really, and we’re already detouring into rainy season before days like today are really the norm (it was officially declared a few days ago, apparently), but still. Urgh. The goblins are cranky and so am I.

To follow up from last week first, I’m still shedding hair this week, though I don’t think it’s apparent when you look at me and the pros – lighter, more manageable – are still outweighing the cons. My husband is doing an admirable job of not complaining about needing to unclog the sink more often or what this might be doing to the already suicidal iRobot (it’ll be cleaning the hallway peacefully and then, occasionally, it randomly flings itself dramatically off the genkan, entryway, step). Unfortunately for our tiny hydrangea population, R went on a greenery slashing mission yesterday and the two flowers are now wilting on a case on the counter. Who knows, it might be good for next year’s population.

And now, this week! Three things stood out in particular. One was baby E’s battle with her bottle. It did not go well. From Saturday through to Tuesday, I tried very Day, sometimes more than once, to get her to accept her bottle. She was having none of it, though, especially from me. The good news, though, is that she did eventually accept a bottle at hoikuen, childcare, on Wednesday and Thursday. It was only one bottle on each day containing omg less than a three month old should take per feeding, so it meant she effectively skipped more than one feed, but hell, I’ll take it.

The reason E and her brother were at childcare was work, and that brings me to the other two highlights. I was teaching on Wednesday and Thursday. They were only half-days, but I spent the other half of each day doing preparation and on a long train commute respectively, so they essentially amounted to full days. I’m not going to lie, it was tiring, but it was good too. It’s not just the money, though of course that will be helpful. I kind of live in my own bubble. It’s a geographic one, for I seldom get out of this damn city lately, but it’s also a social one. Teaching the adults on Wednesday got me out of the latter a bit, reminding me of all the other things people are doing with their lives, while my Thursday work got me quite thoroughly out of this place for a bit. Even the lengthy train trip was quite interesting!

As for “Tommy”… well, my 70-ish year old and thoroughly Japanese boss, whom I have known by his Japanese name for nearly 8 years, has suddenly adopted an English moniker. Apparently, the Japanese teacher who was teaching a couple of my English classes while I was on maternity leave gave the students English names. I’m not sure whether he told them they could use them or, more concerningly, that they should use them. None of the others seem to have taken this to heart except for my boss, though. Getting an e-mail from him signed off by “Tommy” was one of my week’s more wtf moments, though!

I’m not going to talk about next week because… well, this post is going up a week late and I’ve already lived “next week”. If you chance upon this, though, I hope you have/had a good one yourself!


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