This Week – June 30th 2018 – Summer, Rolling and That Australian Guy

Oh, the humidity

So, rainy season actually seems to have evaporated around here! It has just been officially declared over in this region, the shortest on record, and it very much feels like midsummer now.

Both R and I had ridiculous work schedules this week and it meant a schedule that felt more like a jigsaw puzzle than a schedule has any right to do, but it somehow has worked itself out. Honestly, I’m going to need to get used to it; R is likely to continue working weekends while getting weekdays off, and while I’m not working during the summer, this whole thing will get a lot more complicated come autumn when my Childcare Dispatch job kicks back in.

Work was… not great. It wasn’t terrible, but there were a few happenings that were interesting in a bad way. We have to move buildings with the Adult Conversation job. The building we have been using for the past seven years is owned by the city, featuring really quite nice rooms for rent by the public. However, the ward office also seems to like those nice rooms and is consequently invading relocating, which is forcing us to move to an alternative building that is more expensive but kind of decrepit definitely a drop in quality.

I did two days of work for the Kindergarten Dispatch job too. The first of them featured a parents day that I didn’t know about until I was walking to the kindergarten itself. The second was another one-off visit for me but someone decided this was a special event, had to involve an honestly odd rendition of a children’s song, and it needed to be filmed. I was expecting a random person or two with a tripod but it turned out that when they said “film crew”, they meant a full-on “film crew”, like a guy circling me with what looked like a news camera while I was trying to awkwardly demonstrate dance moves. It was shocking.

The other thing about Kindergarten Dispatch job is that it has brought me back into contact with That Australian Guy. When I went on maternity leave late last year (I might eventually finish my post about that), he interviewed to substitute for not just one but two of my jobs. Without going into detail, he didn’t get either of the positions, so he seems to have gone for Kindergarten Dispatch job – i.e. the third of my jobs – and six months later, here That Australian Guy is again, though I didn’t recognise him at first. A teacher I worked with once likened the foreigner community in the greater Tokyo area to a big country town in the sense that you run into the same people and you seldom need six degrees of separation, and it’s very true even for someone as antisocial as me.

On the home front, things have been good. R and I did have a stupid argument when a guy from the Japanese Communist party came to the door and I woke R up to answer it instead of somehow automatically knowing who the guy was and that R wanted me to answer it and play the foreigner “I don’t speak Japanese” card as a way to make him go away without causing offense. Mr. K remains stubborn and a bit tantrum-prone, but his language development is undergoing another big leap forward and that part, at least, is fun to deal with. The hot weather is also making water play more of a thing for us now, which I quite enjoy.

Having saved the best for last, the big news of the week is that E had her four-month birthday… and marked the occasion by rolling over! She was on her change mat after the bath and I was putting things away while she chilled, when she finally succeeded in flipping herself from her back to her front. As exciting as it was, I thought it might be a fluke but no. She managed to roll from her front to her back the next day, and has been working on refining the maneuver ever since. Exciting, as I said, and it’s also a bit of a relief to have her a bit ahead, what with her being stuck being the youngest in her peer group well into the future. It’s also somewhat alarming, though! A mobile baby needs that bit more attention!

Next week involves only two days of work for me, one of which is my first Saturday back, but another wacky schedule nonetheless. We have tanabata, the star festival, as well, which is always quite a nice little event.

Enjoy your week, everyone, and stay cool if your summer has kicked in the way ours has!


3 thoughts on “This Week – June 30th 2018 – Summer, Rolling and That Australian Guy

  1. When I was in England, I used to say the same …( not “ same” though ..)
    “ I don’t speak English”.. But normally before I said , as soon as they recon I was not English, they left.


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