4 Months

E is four months old now, because time flies when you’re having fun or you’re just plain busy.

She’s still going well, and still a big, happy baby. She’s started wearing size 70/00, which means she can wear some of Mr K’s first summer clothes despite being four months younger than he was. The “fine giraffe” suit gets another run! E is also getting noisier now; she’s fairly quiet when everyone is around, but she has quite a lot to say when it’s quiet around her! There’s lots of oohing and ahhing happening, and she’s smiling and laughing at lot. She still loves having her tummy patted and she enjoys playing in her play gym, smacking at her toys and, increasingly, trying to grab things. She likes fiddling with my fingers and chewing on them, and she even mouths at my arm depending on how I’m holding her!

Her biggest and most recent accomplishment was rolling over from her back to her front, which she managed to do on the evening of her four month birthday! She has also managed to get from her front to her back a couple of times, but she doesn’t have as much interest in that yet and hasn’t been refining it the way she has with back-to-front rolling. She also holds her head up well now and really likes being put on her tummy (hence her rolling priorities). She’s even managed to sleep through the night a couple of times now, which is VERY exciting for me!

I’m really enjoying this age, and looking forward to whatever next random thing she attempts to accomplish.


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