Five Fortnightly Photos

Here are some photos from everyday life hereabouts, though be warned – I wouldn’t call myself a photographer by any means and they’re from my phone rather than anything fancy. Still, it’s fun for me, anyway, and I might make this a Friday thing henceforth, just to really push that ffffffff theme a bit more!

1) Some cute origami tanabata decorations that were on display at our favourite play cafe.

2) Apricots! God, I love summer fruit. They are expensive as anything here and they’re not always worth it, no matter how beautiful they look. These apricots, though, were divine. I’m on the look out for more of them!


3. A sleeping Mr. K at the tail end of his fever, though it turned out he was still a fair way off being over the virus completely. THIS IS NOT A COMMON ENOUGH SIGHT.


4. In other news, though, R bought a new cabinet for storing his various TV tuner devices in and it arrived in a huge box. Mr. K has claimed the box as his own and decided to reside in it.

5. E and I decided to try out the baby-seat equipped trollies at the supermarket to make buying a bunch of stuff at once that bit easier. The new view intrigued her!


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