Five Fortnightly Photos on Friday

Midsummer fun!

1. Our wading pool. It’s hot as hell here and so this has been getting a good bit of use so far by Mr. K and myself. To be honest, I’m probably enjoying it as least as much or even more than he is!


2. We got stopped in traffic on our way to childcare, as we are prone to do, and found ourselves parked next to this interesting view of the bay area.


3. Mt. Tsukuba, because I’ve once again been doing some work up near there. Despite the long commute, it’s actually been pretty neat and I don’t mind going to these obscure places when they’re interesting like this and I get paid extra for the time I spend commuting. I’m scheduled to go there only once more and that’s probably it.


4. Pretty paper flowers hanging from the ceiling at one of our local shopping malls.


5. E had her four month health check at our ward’s children’s centre, and she received a free book from some obaasan (old ladies)¬†who volunteer to read to the babies at these checks.



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