This Week – August 11th 2018 – Slowing

The typhoon from under the monorail

Life went back to normal and then the spiral into the midsummer vortex of the obon holidays began.

A reprieve came in the middle of the week. Weather wise, it was once again in the form of a typhoon that brought some somewhat cooler weather but otherwise fizzled out here. Personally, it came in the form of a trip into Tokyo, ostensibly to go textbook shopping for my students but with enough time to wander around and relax as well, the deep breath before we slid into full holiday mode.

Mr K picked up, getting better and better until he was just about his normal self. We exhaled a bit, but maybe not entirely. After the back-to-back viruses of July, I find myself waiting instead for the next hit, but we’re talking about toilet training and expecting him to eat his dinner again now.

I’m back to also trying frantically to entertain him in this weather. E (whose introduction to solids continues to go well) is small enough that just going somewhere is enough of an outing for her, without really needing to think about what she’s going to do at her destination. She’s going to sit in her pram, watch whatever’s going on and bat at her dangling owl toy, that’s what she’s going to do. Mr K is a whole other story, though. He has to be entertained and he has to burn up some of his two year old energy, and outside it just doesn’t really cool down. All of the parks and outdoor places I use in the cooler weather are basically out. I’m running out of ideas and I’ve been teaching preschoolers in one way or another for years now! My respect for stay-at-home parents has increased even further.

Next week, I’m off work entirely until next Saturday. Unfortunately, a lot of other people are as well and obon doesn’t quite prompt the exodus around here that new year does, so things are likely to be crowded. After one of his team members got into a traffic accident at work, R and his other team members have been forced to pick up the slack and R only has one day off and a lot of late shifts. Things shall be challenging! Have a good one, everyone.


3 thoughts on “This Week – August 11th 2018 – Slowing

  1. I totally have the “how to entertain and exhaust my toddler without going outside in this heat” problem. I stay home with her and have been counting down the days until she starts preschool–first day was today! I had 4 glorious hours to run errands and eat lunch by myself! It’s only Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I’ll make the best of my 8 hours of freedom! XOXO

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