This Week – September 1st 2018 – Earache and End of Summer

Riding the monorail has definitely been a key theme of this summer for Mr. K

And then, I got sick…

I knew something was a bit off with my ear. I’d had the feeling of water being trapped in it for several days and, in hindsight, had been steadily feeling worse and worse. It wasn’t until I woke up in pain in the middle of the night on Sunday that I conceded there was something definitely wrong, though. You do not bother going to GPs for anything to do with ears here in Japan, and so I went off to the ear, nose and throat doctor. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with a middle ear infection and prescribed a bunch of medications.

The rest of the week became about working around that. I spent money I can’t really afford taking Mr. K and E to the play cafe on Tuesday, managed to get to a park on Wednesday, did some major work catch up/paperwork on Thursday with them in childcare, and ended up taking them on a monorail/train ride on Friday. I was feeling mostly okay by Saturday, but listening to my students was that bit more difficult than usual.

Summer has ended! Well, calendar-wise, anyway. The days aren’t exactly getting cooler, but there are cooler bits to them and the nights aren’t quite as bad as they were.

E turned six months old! Once again the occasion was marked by another milestone as well, this time her first tooth! She is getting quite good at lunging and pulling herself around, and we see her working on keeping her tummy off the floor and actually trying to crawl.

Next week, we have R’s birthday, I am finally actually going to back to a regular (for me) work schedule and there’s yet another typhoon due. Have a good one!

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