This Week – September 15th 2018 – A little more autumn…

This week was less eventful than last, which was basically a good thing since most of last week’s events were not fun!

It’s starting to cool down a bit, at last! The downside to that is trying to get Mr K and E’s autumn wardrobes sorted. E is considerably bigger than she was in the spring and thus needs quite a lot of new stuff. Trying to calculate what to get in what size is a headache. Mr. K, on the other hand, still has plenty of stuff from last winter/spring that’s fine, but sorting out what doesn’t fit anymore and removing it, ninja-style, from his drawers was another matter entirely; Mr. K has clothes he actually likes but little concept of “fitting”, so removing his old favorites had to be done quickly and very discreetly. In short, I’ve wound up at a number of children’s clothes shops and secondhand shops, on the hunt for the things we need.

There was a fair bit of work happening, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s exhausting, but it’s also nice having some time by myself and keeping busy with something that yields money in return. That, of course, is broken up by goblin time at home. The cooler weather has meant more park visits, an annoying return of the mosquito population, and I saw one of my former student’s mothers when I took Mr. K and E down to the harbor to see the boats/mini-aquarium and that was a bit awkward.

I tried to get E her vaccinations but it turned out the doctor and/or the office staff had miscalculated the schedule and we got sent away again, to return next week. I’m pretty pissed off about this, and fed up with the doctors more generally regarding Mr. K’s summer of bronchitis.

So, next week, we make a second attempt to get E her next round of vaccinations, we head into “Silver Week”, autumn’s mini-break due to some public holiday scheduling, but there’s still plenty of work afoot anyhow. Have a nice week, everyone!

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