This Week – September 29th 2018 – Rainy days, bland lunches and lost keys

But hey, autumn! 

This week definitely felt a good bit more autumnal as the weather took a decidedly cool turn, though not until after the equinox public holiday. The days later in the week were decidedly grey and wet, and I personally loved it.

Mr. K came down with yet another bout of wheezing and bronchitis with R being the one to ferry him to the doctor’s this time. He eventually managed to convey to me that we’re now definitely working out if it really is just recurrent bronchitis or if we’re finally going to cut the crap determine that he actually has asthma. He perked up quickly enough and nobody missed any work or childcare, but he’s still got a nasty cough, particularly when he is running around. E, in the meantime, has officially turned 7 months old. She has four teeth coming through, has mastered sitting up completely on her own and is now focused on moving on from crawling to instead trying to get up on her feet. It is impressive, amusing and somewhat horrifying, especially since her actual goal is finding more things to shove in her mouth.

There was work, four days of it, and it was tiring. Trying to get out of my comfort zone and try new things in the limited capacity I can, namely through exploring interesting lunch options, actually didn’t work out for me this time. Instead, I got landed with three quite disappointing lunches. In fact, throw in not getting enough of a lunch at all on Tuesday and Saturday and it was a very disappointing week for midday meals all around.

The other key theme of the week was losing keys. R went into full panic mode on Monday on a desperate hunt for his keys. It got a bit ridiculous, lots of tossing things around frantically, before he eventually realized they were in his pouch. This was funny at the time. Then, two days later, I lost my own keys sometime between getting the goblins securely in the car and heading out the front door myself. Was it thirty or forty minutes of stupidity? I don’t know. I eventually found them on the stairs, because apparently I have no clear surface areas in my room for when I race and get stuff at the last minute and my unfocused brain decided a poorly-lit step at eye-level was a brilliant place to put them down. I will not be mocking R again – at least his lost keys were in a spot that made sense.

Next week is October and it’s just busy, busy, busy with work stuff. Hope you’re having a good one!



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