Winter Walk


Last Friday, we took a walk through a park that is somewhat near our house. We hadn’t explored it much and I was trying to find a playground within it for my son. It’s large enough that there surely is one, but we didn’t find it. Instead, we found a serene, chilly walkway, all dry grass and bare branches, winding alongside a narrow stream with lots of koi fish and plenty of pigeons huddled nearby.

Lego Flower

My son tells me this is a flower. He made it for me, presumably remembering the handful of times he picked flowers and R suggested he give them to me. He advised that it wasn’t a dandelion and we admired all the brightly coloured “petals” together. He built a very similar looking construction for my mother’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, stuck a Lego candle on top and called it a cake.

It’s all very endearing!