This Week – September 1st 2018 – Earache and End of Summer

Riding the monorail has definitely been a key theme of this summer for Mr. K

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Six months


Shortly after trying his first food

Mr K turned six months old yesterday! It feels like a lot has happened, not just because I haven’t been blogging and I skipped a five months post, but also because… well, a lot of stuff HAS happened. He’s grabbing toys and rolling over like there’s no tomorrow, though he still isn’t fond of being on his tummy and he has started eating rice porridge (homemade by R). He goes to childcare a couple of days (give or take) a week and doesn’t totally hate it. Most significantly, he lost his grandfather, gained a passport, and made his first very long international flight.

Those previous two sentences might give you an idea of why I haven’t been around.

Enough, April. Bring on May. Please.